History/International Reach

The French-American School of Silicon Valley was founded in 1992 by a group of Francophiles who recognized the need for a bilingual French-American school in the expanding Silicon Valley area.  The first Board of Directors was created with members who shared the same vision and philosophy of education : M. Jean-Louis Gassée, M. Georges Halpern, M. Alain Labat, M. Hervé le Mansec, M. Claude Nédérovique, Ms. Colette Siegel, M. Jean-Claude Zambelli.

The French-American School of Silicon Valley opened its doors in September of 1992 with a total enrollment of seven students.  Over the course of the next four years, under the leadership of its first Director, M. Claude Nédérovique, the school expanded rapidly. To accommodate the growing Preschool to Fifth Grade student body, the school relocated to a larger campus, in Sunnyvale, where it remains today. In 2006 a new building was added: it houses the library, the technology lab, as well as the administration office.

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On average, the French-American School of Silicon Valley welcomes 145 students. Most students have several citizenships: 60% are French nationals, 50% have American citizenship, and 30% are yet of another citizenship. Together, more than 35 nationalities are represented in our student body offering an outstanding cultural richness that we share and celebrate together.

The French-American School of Silicon Valley is part of a global network comprised of 480 schools located in 130 countries, with a population of over 310,000 students. These schools are all accredited by the French Ministry of Education and promote universal values: tolerance, intellectual curiosity and critical thinking, offering students the opportunity to receive the same high quality of education all over the world.

The French-American School of Silicon Valley takes pride in being both an international school belonging to a worldwide network, and a California school rooted in its local community.

FASSV is accredited by both The French Ministry of Education and California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS). FASSV is a member of California Language Teachers Association (CLTA).