Les formulaires d’inscriptions

1. Download and fill out the Application for admissions

2. Send your application back to us at admissions@fassv.org with the required supporting documents

3. Pay the $90.00 application fee using PayPal at accounting@fassv.org (you can also send us a check)

1. Complete the Online Application for Admission

2. Upload the following document(s) on the last page of the application form

  • A copy of the applicant’s Birth Certificate (Required)
  • For Applicants transferring from a French-accredited school ONLY: your child’s most recent “bulletin d’évaluation”

3. Once the form is completed, conveniently pay $90.00 non-refundable application fee using Paypal 

Note: Once an application is submitted, you’re unable to go back and make changes. However, feel free to contact us at admissions@fassv.org to make corrections.