polaroidsAge Requirement

by December 31st

3 years old for Preschool/Petite Section de maternelle
4 years old for Pre-K/Moyenne Section de maternelle
5 years old for Kindergarten/Grande Section de maternelle

Language Proficiency Requirements

There is no French language proficiency requirement for Preschool-Kindergarten

Starting in 1st Grade/CP, there is a French language proficiency requirement; Prospective students are to meet the minimum French language entry level objectives for the specific grade level for which they are applying for.

Additional Requirements

Students must be fully toilet-trained by the first day of school

Prospective Preschool, Pre-k, K students are to be evaluated, on-site, for academic and social readiness. Non-local students, transferring from a French-accredited school, may submit a “bulletin d’évaluation” instead of completing an on-site assessment.

Students transferring into 1st/CP-5th/CM2 levels are to submit a current school transcript (bulletin d’évaluation) and/or complete an on-site French language and mathematics entrance exam.

Please submit an Application for Admission, accompanied by a copy of the applicant’s Birth Certificate, and the $90.00 application fee by the designated deadline.

Starting in early January, the Office of Admissions will contact you by telephone, or email, to schedule your child’s on-site evaluation. (Non-local students are to submit their school transcripts along with their application in order to be considered for admittance.)

Admittance decisions will be e-mailed to prospective families by mid-March or earlier. Should you receive an offer of enrollment, you will be asked to confirm by e-mail that you wish to proceed with the admittance process.

For those who confirm their intent to enroll, an Enrollment Packet will be mailed out to the families.

In order to secure a place for your child in our school, you will need to return the Enrollment Agreement along with the first Tuition & Fees Registration installment by the deadline stipulated on the contract. Otherwise, the opening may be offered to another applicant.

Once the Enrollment Agreement is signed and returned along with the first payment installment, by the deadline, your child’s enrollment will be secured. Nonetheless, the enrollment will be finalized only once the on-line additional registration documents have been completed and turned in to the Front Office, on or before the deadline stated in the Enrollment Packet Welcome letter.

For classes with Wait Pools, and if your child is eligible for enrollment, you will receive an e-mail indicating that your child has been placed on the Wait Pool.

For applicants on the Wait Pool, the school operates on a rolling-basis admissions process, which may continue into the school year, depending on space availability in each class. As openings become available, enrollment offers will be made to applicants on the Wait Pool.