Initiation to Mandarin

Chinese instruction at FASSV is based on the dynamic interrelationships of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


Attend/Respond – The students will:

• Enjoy listening to mandarin, and willing to participate in all learning activities.
• Explore and experiment with sounds in word.
• Listen attentively to a variety of literary works.
• Understand and follow simple oral directions (one-step direction to two steps
directions then more than two).
• Listen to and respond to others in basic conversation, such as “hello”, “How are
you?”, “good-bye”, “How old are you?”, “I want to eat/drink…”, “I like …” etc.


Clarity/Content – The students will:

• Enjoy and willing to imitate teacher’s lecture.
• Enjoy singing in a group or individually.
• Use non-verbal gestures or single words to communicate.
• Answer simple questions with one or two sentences.
• Give personal information (name, how old I am, what kind food I like to eat, etc.).
• Name body parts, colors, foods, and animals (describe objects or pictures).
• Extend their vocabulary, exploring the meanings and sounds of new words, songs,
rhyme and poems.
• Count from 1-99.
• Give opinions about simple activities and experiences.
• Ask simple questions (May I…/Please give me…).
Interpersonal – The student will
• Speak to others respectfully
• Use social responses such as please and thank you


Reading Readiness – The students will:

• Enjoy and value reading, looks at books and pictures with teacher or another child
• Show an understanding that each Chinese character carries a meaning and has a
• Produce sounds of Hanyu Pinyin
• Recognition and blend sounds in Chinese characters (one to ten, their own names,
and some simple words- big, median, and small).
• Repeat a story in proper sequence; predict outcomes
Study Skills – The students will:
• Work independently; respect the rights of others
• Review work for completion
Writing Readiness – The students will:
• Watch when teacher writes.
• Illustrate stories; brainstorm ideas and vocabulary
• Recognize relationship between the written and the spoken word
Handwriting – The student will:
• Write one to ten, first and last name
• Know left to right and top to bottom progression
Spelling – The student will:
• Write letters and sounds (dictation- Hanyu Pinyin)

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